Product market fit and sales generation services
for startups and businesses


Product market fit and Sales Generation platform for tech!

Sulma & Sulma already has a customer base and methodology to reach new audiences to cooperate with and scale up. It has run projects for over 30 industries with SMBs, startups and corporates, including top emerging e.g. biotech, sustainable energy, ecommerce and big data.

We run projects addressed to:

WE IGNITE LOVE FOR TECH of our clients.

We believe that everyone should have equal access to new tech, so we focus on increasing the pace of tech adaptation, to drive development of societies.

How we work:

  1. Market fit test – At this first stage, we analyze to determine if the product has a good market fit from the market and customers’ perspective. Then we will improve your market fit and help you to build a scaling sales process.
  2. Sales Process – Here, we start with acquiring the first clients to create a scaling sales process. We then use our sales 360 approach to understand each stage, target group, and the business environment  (background) deeply to prepare the process for scaling up.
  3. Scaling up – After building up the best sales process for your product, we explore new markets for the product to expand, increase efficiency, expand to new industries, and build new channels for expansion.

For the love of innovation and relevance

Agnieszka and Sebastian Sulma founded Sulma & Sulma in 2013. The decision was motivated by the market trend they noticed. They noticed many great innovative products do not live up to their potential because of poor sales and marketing tactics.

They decided it’s about time they roll up their sleeves to make the market different by helping companies achieve a market fit and build a clear sales process.

Sulma & Sulma believe that people create amazing products, putting their blood, sweat, and tears in. It’d be a shame if the effort was wasted and the product is forgotten.

Sulma & Sulma will help you stand out and be remembered. In addition to the selling process, we work on delivering the important KPIs that are relevant in achieving the company goals.

Sulma & Sulma is helping investors, businesses, startups introduce new technologies to markets and drive their sales.

As we like to say:

“We ignite love for tech”


We provide project delivery and mentoring.

“Use our experience gathered in different markets and niches.

Let’s work on a project that will win recognition, generate professional satisfaction, and give something back to others.”

There’s more to us:

We’re the Judges of Excellence, speakers, lecturers, jury at events about startups, product market fit, international relations, sales and export development.

We also run workshops titled Sales helps new technologies grow on product launch and dynamic sales development. During with we share our knowledge and experience from our projects. Together, we create an individual plan to solve the problem of a given startup, divided into stages, tasks, milestones, based on KPI, and embedded in a specific time frame.

The satisfaction of participants (NPS 71 – as of March 2020), and their successes are an immeasurable reward for us.

Core Team

Sebastian Sulma


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Agnieszka Sulma


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Marcia Osundwa

BDM for East African Countries

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Mateusz Oziębłowski


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Kacper Sulma


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Jakub Kozik

Front-end developer

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Working with clients is more than just a business relation. Cooperation is about giving back in order to change the world for the better. We achieve the goals unattainable to others thanks to close-knit relations and teamwork. Here are the businesses and people behind them that we’ve had the pleasure to change the world with: