… and then we started getting big buck offers …

Promotion and sales growth 21 September 2018

While managing projects in many leading industries, we’ve noticed an interesting, growing issue. The number of received offers exceeds the recipient’s processing powers. This is interesting inasmuch as these are potentially very valuable clients, who have been out of one’s reach so far. Despite the best intentions, businesses get so many interesting inquiries that they aren’t able to address all of them and in general don’t manage the situation well. This significantly lowers the overall efficiency. Many lucrative deals aren’t being closed, or aren’t assessed properly.

Before we introduce our in-depth observations, as well as the remedy for this problem, please let us know in the comments:

  1. Do you have enough time to draw up offers?
  2. What are your methods for dealing with an avalanche of business inquiries?
  3. How do you boost efficiency?

Obviously, we’re talking about industries and niches, where an offer means more that the product’s name, quantity and price. 馃檪

Wish you successful offering,
Sulma & Sulma