Appreciation and a recap of the speech at 2018 SMW Warsaw

Current affairs 28 June 2018

Becoming a speaker at an event like the 2018 Social Media Week in Warsaw is made possible by all the people met on the business path. Obviously, much thanks to the entire Sulma & Sulma team for reaching the set goals, the knowledge acquired, and the opportunity to share it with others. Obviously, thank you very much to the organizers,, for the invitation, support, and excellent organization.

Naturally, thank you to all the audience members as well, especially since at some point there were not enough seats and many people were standing. A special shout out goes to those particularly interested, who asked inspiring questions and shared their experience in terms of introducing new products to the market during and after the presentation.

That said, a special kind of appreciation goes to our clients. Without them, no case study, no speech, no new know-how would come into being. This is simply because of the fact that it is thanks to our clients indeed that we gain opportunities to solve issues, reach goals, and share the knowledge acquired in the process.

Thank you on behalf of myself and the Sulma & Sulma team,

Sebastian Sulma

photo: Agata Patoła