Agricultural saas providing efficient management solutions.


Agricultural saas providing efficient management solutions.

The challenge:

Expansion beyond borders. The client had already introduced the innovation in their country, and they needed help to expand to other countries in the EU.


The primary mission was to discover ideal customers’ systems, analyze their needs, and introduce the solution. The goal was to help the client expand into Poland and the entire EU.


  • As is its custom, Sulma & Sulma first started by sending the client a template for their Ideal Customer Profile, Buyer Persona, and Customer Journey. This helped identify client gaps and helped it develop a strategy to enter a new market. 
  • Sulma & Sulma then used an outbound strategy to go for “low-hanging fruits.” 
  • Sulma & Sulma started with Poland first and contacted all possible prospects to understand their situation and analyze their needs. It then identified how they could match their needs.
  • Sulma & Sulma is also working on expanding the web to other countries in the EU. 
  • Sulma & Sulma ensured it fed them the correct information to help decision-making between communications. 
  • Sulma & Sulma worked in a lean methodology where it broke down the project into smaller chewable pieces and worked in sprints. It involved the client throughout the journey to ensure its goals remained aligned. 


Sulma & Sulma helped the client scale the solution, and it is working to spread it to the entire EU.

The Journey:

During the project, there were a variety of challenges.

Obstacle 1: Resistance to change

Most of the target buyer personas used outdated systems such as Excel or outdated software and were unwilling to change.

Sulma & Sulma explained that it understands their current situation and their pain points. It highlighted how the software would increase their efficiency and make work easier.

Obstacle 2. Transparency issues

The end-user reports to a governing body and several bodies report to one big body. The problem is there was no transparency such that the different end users did not want the privacy of information at stake. The governing bodies also wanted the freedom of manipulating the data.

Sulma & Sulma explained that its client could customize the platform so that every party’s interest is adhered to. That means they can be sure of data privacy, and no one would have unauthorized access to any information.

A story of success:

  • Sulma & Sulma’s solution has helped the client build their brand awareness and get customers interested in Poland and the EU.
  • The end-user can do management more efficiently. This has helped improve the quality of output. 
  • The end-user attained their goals, which has led to growth and better incomes. 
  • It is easier to generate reports.
  • Accountability has become easier as the platform governs different stakeholders in the industry.

Project facts:

Team of 4: Project Manager, Business Development Representative, Marketing Manager, Front-end developer

Project Management: Scrum for weekly updates and progress and Kanban for management

Project duration: 2021 – to present

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