Product-Market Fit/Customer Acquisition.


A Photovoltaic/solar software for designers, managers, and sales reps.


The client had a sales process with plenty of contacts in its database, but it did not know its customer journey well. It made plenty of cold calls but was constantly rejected.


Help the client to sell its product efficiently to achieve its sales goal.


  • When Sulma & Sulma started cold calling, it quickly noticed that the client’s job (The “JOB” is what the end-users are hiring the product to do) and the value proposition were wrong. 
  • This is because there were plenty of solutions you could use to project PV installations, and they were much better than the client was at the time. 
  • The end-users main problem was not the quality of PV installation or its design but the time spent with one consumer because more visits a day equals more money in the high season.


Sulma & Sulma changed the JOB and Value proposition, emphasizing being the quickest. In this market, competition is huge, and salespeople need first to “book” a consumer, so whoever sends his offer faster to the customer has the highest chance of winning him.
So instead of marketing the software as a solution for designing the PV installations, it marketed it as software for quickly mapping the roof and preparing the complete quotation, which shortens the time of visits per consumer, and it worked very well.

The Journey:

Some of the challenges during the project:

Obstacle 1: Lack of sales growth.

Wrong UVP and the Job.

Adjusted the job and UVP for their needs.

Obstacle 2: Lack of partners.

Possible partners reconcile the software as a copy of better designing solutions.

After changing the JOB and Unique Value Proposition, Sulma & Sulma opened several doors for future partnerships.

A story of success:

Sulma & Sulma did 600 calls, which resulted in 120 presentations, and the client saw growth in sales. Then the client decided to follow the same process until they achieved their sales goal.

Project Facts:

Team of 2 – Project manager/account manager, Business Development Representative

Project Management – Scrum for daily updates and progress and Kanban for management

Project duration – 1-2 months.

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