Business development isn’t only about sales and marketing. Yesterday, courtesy of #ALEKrakow and #SmartRecruiters, Sebastian Sulma took part in a meeting lead by Tomasz Bienias ( in order to better familiarize with the objectives management methodology made famous by brands like Intel and Google. We’re keen on making our projects even more agile and efficient. This translates into having an even bigger impact on the generated sales and market in general.

Here’s a brief description of the methodology:

“It allows one to choose and communicate priorities at an organization, and then closely monitor their completion. The implementation of OKR helps get everyone on the same page and clearly distribute responsibilities.”

On behalf of Sebastian. we’d like to thank you for the invitation and a substantial approach to the issue. Special appreciation goes out to Tomasz for his clear explanation of the OKR basics. We’re also looking forward to the promised workshops.

It’s now time to transfer the acquired knowledge to new projects. More information coming soon.

Stay tuned,
Sulma & Sulma