Not quite a week ago, on July 4 2019, a conference was held at the Kraków City Hall, concerning the growth of the innovation ecosystem in the Lesser Poland capital. The key actors involved in this initiative were higher education institutions, corporations, local authorities, NGOs, and of course startups.

If you wish to get to know the mission and originators of the project, go visit the event’s facebook page – Innovative Kraków – let’s meet and get things done! We, on the other hand, decided to offer you our personal insights because there was a lot going on, to be honest!

Our main driving force – Sebastian, arrived once things had already started, but he was as ready as ever. For starters, as is the case on every event of this kind, there was a little networking going on. Next, he was asked to give an interview regarding the conference, and the internal relations between local startups, as well as startups and the city of Kraków.

Despite the fact the agenda had already been determined, there were some slight shifts, which led to there being not enough topics for discussion.

Sebastian to the rescue!

Faced with an emerging challenge, the organizers asked Sebastian to come up with a substitute topic. “Why startups don’t sell?” caught so much traction, that eventually he ran a spontaneous workshop. After it was over, one of the participants was not holding compliments and said that it was the best lecture of the day (much appreciated! ????✌).

Innowacyjny Kraków Sulma

Apart from speaking, it’s good to listen from time to time too, so we took part in two other workshops as well.

  • “Startup – corporate relation” by dr Monika Sady (International Management Department at the Cracow University of Economics) &
  • “Commercializing products and services” by Maciej Drzewiecki (CEO at

Innowacyjny Kraków słuchacze

Once all the workshops were over, the participants transferred to an after party held at the Sempre Bracka restaurant. Due to other obligations, though, we didn’t stay there very long.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank Kraków Miastem Startupów for the excellent event setup.

Let’s get things done!
Sulma & Sulma

Photo credit: Kraków Miastem Startupów