It’s been some time now since Life Science Open Space 2018 – the Open Forum for Cooperation and Innovation in Health and Life Quality. The event was held at the ICE Kraków Congress Center. Importantly, positive results keep coming.

Out of the plethora of events and presentations, we’ll pick the ones closest to our niche. This isn’t to diminish the importance of the rest either.

The conference was opened up with a gusto by Kazimierz Murzyn, the Managing Director at Klaster LifeScience Kraków. Kudos to him and his partners for an open-minded, bold, and professional approach to introducing the goals of the conference. Much emphasis was put on what we consider to be the key values of such a meeting – sharing knowledge and networking between the presentations.

The slide we deemed particularly relevant, and which we tried to present to you the best way we could, was also made by Kazimierz Murzyn (Hurdles and pain points of startup environments). It did a great job of listing the biggest problems startups face when entering markets and developing sales.

These are:

  1. not enough role models – the need to learn from successful people;
  2. poor contact with funds – the need to have direct relations with investors: business angels, seed funds and VCs, who know the industry, the market, the hurdles and options;
  3. insufficient skills and experience in promoting one’s idea – the need to develop skills for showcasing business ideas;
  4. starting sales too late – the need to prepare and set up your business in advance, way before starting actual operations;
  5. no marketing expertise, including sales – the need to develop awareness and skills;
  6. no bootstrapping resources – the need to expand contacts and obtain resources to grow one’s idea or business;
  7. too many ideas detached from market reality – the need to verify one’s ideas against actual needs of the target market;

Being able to pinpoint hurdles is crucial for dynamic growth. Before we put forward our remarks and conclusions,

we wanted to ask you:

which of the hurdles mentioned are the biggest obstacles in entering markets and growing sales?
Try to pick three of those.

Leave them down in the comments. We’re curious to see your choices. ????

Grow effectively,
Sulma & Sulma

PS. Saying hi to Janusz Khal from South Poland Cleantech Cluster, it was nice chatting with you.