Innovation Forum 2019 held in Tarnów will leave its mark in our memory in multiple ways. First, we can now go ahead and reveal our surprise from the post “Sulma & Sulma partners with the Economic Accelerator. Innovation Forum April 15-16, 2019, Ludwik Solski Theater in Tarnów.”. Sebastian Sulma was invited to join the Expert Committee for the Startup Award contest, where the prize pool totaled 100,000 PLN. Here’s his take on his role during the event:

Sebastian Sulma:
I’ve never before rated 50 startups in one day. It was a total rollercoaster. In many respects too: the number of contest participants, the quality of the presentations, the advancement level of the projects. Some of the participants showcased products which were merely ideas, others were operating businesses with turnovers in millions. Some solved important community problems, such as healthy catering or organization of extra-curricular activities for children, while others created advanced robots or medical solutions. Challenging industry leaders on top of that, there was a workshop I had the pleasure to run, titled “Sales helps new technologies grow!”. The number of people interested, the participants’ focus, the questions they were asking. Theses were the aspects which clearly showed that the time of lifestyle startups, ran for the projects’ sake, is passing away. What matters is hard sales, advancing in the market, and the efficiency in achieving goals and volumes. For me, the Forum was a very interesting experience on many levels that I’ll remember for a long time. Thank you to the organizers, and in particular to Mrs. Aleksandra Baka for the invitation.

Congratulations to the winners! The list of winners: “The best startups at the Tarnów Innovation Forum”.

Extensive photo recaps:

See you on the trail of new technology sales!
Sulma & Sulma

Photos: Own/ Artur Gawle – / TOPOL