Introducing products to the
market and sales development.

We manage projects starting with the commercialization of the idea, through branding, growth strategy, up until the internationalization of the business.

So far, we have helped companies, startups, and investors from:

20 industries & 3 continents

  • Europe
  • Eastern Africa
  • North America

FOR PRODUCTS of our clients.

We develop an inspiring competitive advantage,

set out a simple and elegant strategy,

which in turn make the product sales grow.

This helps our clients to:

  • stand out in the market and draw interest,
  • inspire potential partners to work with them,
  • sell easier, more efficiently and at a higher price,
  • become leaders and create the market.

For the love of usefulness and creativity

Sulma & Sulma was founded by Agnieszka and Sebastian Sulma in 2013. The decision was motivated by the market trend they noticed. They’ve had enough of low quality products being marketed using pushy advertising. They decided to make the market, sales, and business more humane. A place, where products inspire cooperation.

Sulma & Sulma believe that people create amazing products, putting their blood, sweat and tears in. I’d be a shame if the effort was wasted and the product forgotten.

Sulma & Sulma will help you stand out and be remembered. Our actions are aimed at sales development achieved through an elegant and efficient plan, as well as encouraging potential customers to make a purchase.

As we like to say:

“We ignite love for products”


We provide consulting and project delivery.

We give direction, drive, and provide motivation for your business to grow in terms of:

  • simplifying, optimizing and boosting sales,
  • commercialization of innovations,
  • facilitating expansion abroad (export),
  • differentiating from your competition
    (marketing, branding, brand identity, PR),
  • prototyping and production,
  • inspiring customers to take action
    (creating fans of the product or service).

Use our experience gathered in
different markets and niches.

Let’s work on a project that will win recognition,
generate professional satisfaction,
and give something back to others.

There’s more to us:

We’re the Judges of Excellence at trade fairs. We assess products and services in terms of their competitiveness in the target market. We determine what improvements can be made in order to attract attention and increase sales.

We’ve written for industry-specific sites, for example, Eksport.pl

We’re creators in the realm of improvement and introduction of products and services to local and foreign markets.

Reach out and arrange
a 90-minute consultation!

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Work with us:

Working with clients is more than just a business relation.
Cooperation is about giving back in order to change the world for the better.

We achieve the goals unattainable to others thanks to close-knit relations and teamwork. Here are the businesses and people behind them that we’ve had the pleasure to change the world with: