Promotion and sales growth

1 May 2020

Launching and selling new technologies

Your product can’t sell on the market, your service can’t fit to the market, or you don’t know how to acquire new customers. Maybe you’re a startup which has discovered suddenly that, sales really matters. Because otherwise there will be no funds to improve your technology, to keep tight your super team, and to find new investors, from whom you’ll be able to get some cash to keep the ball rolling.

Maybe that is not you, you have learned lessons before, and now with a stable income you met your important KPI, the breakeven point, and you want to expand your technology to other markets or industries. You know that now, investors aren’t so keen to invest just by seeing just  white teeth and super sexy technology. They keep their heads into books and double-check the numbers, from top to the bottom, and from the bottom to the top?!

If these two persons are not even close to your situation, you are a well known corporation or a SMB, or a startup, rather medium than small. You want to expand to other territories, create a scalable and repeatable sales process, or just to adjust yours to aquire clients faster, and to explore new markets (before others). It’s good you’re here.

Actually it’s good for all of you, that you’re here.

An example of projects we have a pleasure to work with:

Introducing products to the market and sales development.

We manage projects starting with the commercialization of the idea, through building a sales process and scaling up the sales, up until the internationalization of the startups, SMBs and corporations.

So far, we have helped businesses from:

30 industries, focusing our efforts on the markets:

  • Europe
  • Eastern Africa
  • North America
The branches and markets where Sulma & Sulma operates in.


We deal in efficient introduction of products to the market and dynamic generation of sales.

At three key stages:

  1. Product definition (MVP – Minimum Viable Product), where we verify the idea and adjust UVP (Unique Value Proposition) using the market demand to successfully introduce the product to the market.
  2. Market entry, where we develop a sales process through successful sales to first clients, focusing on making the process scalable, repeatable, and easy to adapt.
  3. Sales development, aimed at exploring new markets or industries, faster win over the market, developing competitive advantage, or winning investors. We scale the sales process, by increasing its effectiveness to ultimately achieve a dynamic growth of the sales volume.

We provide project delivery and mentoring.

They’re able to immerse in the project efficiently. There aren’t many like them, who can get an in-depth understanding of an entire business this fast. Despite limited time, after figuring out the initial moves to be made, we could see first results after merely three weeks.

Marcin Dolata, CEO

INTERMAG: Excellence through science.

A pilot testing of Intermag's product run in Kenya by Sulma & Sulma

Making Moves in Kenya – INTERMAG Product Test Run

Wprowadzenie przez Sulma & Sulma produktów Mediforum Korea na rynek polski

MEDIFORUM – Korean Connection in Favor of Health

Thanks to the joint effort of you and us, we all have laid a cornerstone of our business development in Poland. Nonetheless, I would like to consider this initial deal as just the prelude to a full-scale business in Poland.

Jihoon Noh, General Manager Mediforum Co., Ltd.

There’s more to us:

We’re the Judges of Excellence, speakers, lecturers, jury at events about startups, product market fit, international relations, sales and export development.

We also run workshops titled “Sales helps new technologies grow” on product launch and dynamic sales development. During with we share our knowledge and experience from our projects. Together, we create an individual plan to solve the problem of a given startup, divided into stages, tasks, milestones, based on KPI, and embedded in a specific time frame.

What We’ve Learned Running Sales Workshops For Startups

The satisfaction of participants (NPS 71 – as of March 2020), and their successes are an immeasurable reward for us.

Zadowoleni uczestnicy warsztatów prowadzonych przez Sulma & Sulma

Working with clients is more than just a business relation.

Cooperation is about giving back in order to change the world for the better.

We achieve the goals unattainable to others thanks to close-knit relations and teamwork. Here are the businesses and people behind them that we’ve had the pleasure to change the world with link.

Use our experience gathered in different markets and niches.

Let’s work on a project that will win recognition, generate professional satisfaction, and give something back to others.

Let’s talk!

Sulma & Sulma - team