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What do I need to get started?

You need to define your why and your goals first.

How long does it take to set everything up and start the project?

The duration it will take will depend on the needs of the customer. We try to cover the basics and set everything up as fast as possible. In most cases we need at least a month to set everything up. See our services

What is your framework?

We start with a preliminary analysis where we analyse your goals and the market. Then we will structure data and this will need information on customer journey, ideal customer profile and buyer persona. We will then do a project estimation according to the needs of the customer and decide on the deliverables. After all that is set we sign an NDA and a contract and hit the ground running. See our services

Why are the templates important?

At Sulma & Sulma we work with Ideal customer profile, customer journey and buyer personas. In that case we will send you a template to fill to make it easier for you. The filled templates are important as they help in structuring data, identify gaps, and do a project estimation. See our services

What communication methods do you use?

S&S recognizes that communication is key and works with a lean startup methodology where we communicate in sprints. The channel and frequency of communication depends on the client's need but we prefer to do it as much as possible.

How do you do email marketing to avoid spam?

We do our best to apply the industry best practices to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. We understand the importance of domain reputation and thus we ensure we are up to date with technicalities and keep up with spam filters technology, ISP practices and anti-spam law. We also don’t just sell but also ask for feedback.

Do you work with specific industries?

We prefer emerging tech industries as we are driven towards helping the market understand new technologies. See how we do it

Do you have previous customers in my Industry?

Sulma & Sulma is a platform where we have worked with many customers across emerging tech industries. Even though we may not have previous customers in your industry, we apply our methodology and process across different industries while optimising on data, which has proven to bring in results.

What kind of prospects will you deliver?

As mentioned earlier, we first start with the basics, which is defining the ideal customer profile and buyer persona. We will then identify the customer's pain points and align the solution to the best buyer. To make the process seamless, we first focus on active buyers and passive ones we leave for nurturing.

What period of time do I need to start seeing results?

The results you will see after the initial analysis, which is free. We will help you to explore the market opportunities and your potential.

What will happen if our goals are not met e.g. KPIs and how big is our risk?

At S&S we work in a lean methodology where we update our client every step of the way. That means that we agree at every point of the way to ensure we are on the same page with the customer. When it comes to the risk, we can start with a short-term agreement so that if the client is not satisfied we end the contract. But ensure proper communication every step of the way to ensure both parties are happy.

Are you a consultancy firm/agency?

We are not a consultancy firm as we not only give solutions to our customers needs, rather we use a hands-on approach in trying to solve their problems. We use the experiences we have with different markets to help our clients attain their goals.

Do you work on commissions?

No, we do not work on commissions as we believe in a full commitment to the goal. We have a fixed rate. We can either do a consultancy package or a fixed rate depending on the situation. See our workshops

Can a company work with you when they have a sales and marketing team in place?

Yes, our goal is not to replace your inhouse team but rather complement where we combine our strengths for fast attainment of your goals.

What is the minimum period for a contract

After defining the project goals we will know the best period for the contract. Mostly we sign our first contract for 3-6 months. See our workshops