We talked about sales development with Hubert Mrozek, co-founder & CEO of Magnetiqua

How would you describe your company in an elevator pitch?
Magnetiqa produces modern vertical hydro farms equipped with its own farming technology. We strive to ensure that food can be easily produced on Earth, but also anywhere in Space. So when Elon Musk lands on Mars, we’ll be ready to feed the entire colony there. And that’s what Magnetiqa is. We are taking you on an amazing journey to revolutionizing the food industry and how we see the farming of plants.

What are you the best at?
In Magnetiqa, I would say I am a constructor the most time – and help us develop our solutions. I pretty enjoy this time when we can solve some technical challenges. As CEO, I also conduct meetings with each of our technology development teams. These meetings are very varied and in one day it could be e.g. fluid mechanics, then molecular chemistry and then a marketing strategy. You have to adjust quickly. And that’s what I love to do in my company!

How did you find your first customers?
When we started, I personally spoke to each of the largest food producers in our country to learn about the market needs. But so far we haven’t spent any money marketing and reaching out to customers yet. Through our website you can contact us and become a partner or talk about cooperation. This is how the entire next 4 months we are booked. Having clients from Poland, Spain or the USA.

What are your customers saying about your product?
Basically, we are still working with customers on the first version of the product, but the prognosis is so effective that we can achieve the best energy efficiency in the world if we talk about vertical food crops.

What are your proud achievements so far?
Apart from prizes and a great market interest in our solutions. First of all, I am proud of our team, the work we do every day and how well it is developing.

What is the next big thing in your industry?
I think it will be the way it manages water in plant cultivation and what water is actually used, how minerals are carried inside plants. In this way, we will significantly reduce the electrical demand for vertical farming.

What are your plans for next 6-12 months?
Get ready to patent our products and then start changing the world.

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