We talked about sales development with Piotr Nizio, CEO of ParkCash. ParkCash is optimizing on your parking needs through its app to ensure everyone can enjoy a parking lot.

How would you describe your company in an elevator pitch?
We optimize parking experience mainly for employees of big enterprises and for people living in big residential areas in large cities. Users can book a parking spot on their company/residential parking and open barrier through ParkCash app.

What are you the best at?
We’re are good at listening our customers and delivering product which fit customer needs. Every sales meeting with customers is more about listening and understanding customer needs than selling. In this way, during a meeting with one of the potential clients, we got a hint that we could manage employees’ payments for parking in order to optimize the settlement of parking benefits in large corporations. This functionality helped us to get very big customers.

How did you find your first customers?
We use recommendations and we focus on LinkedIn direct connections to decision makers in large enterprises.

What are your customers saying about your product?
We guarantee peace of mind when traveling by car to the office and we help companies to optimize costs of company’s parking by micropayments billed

What are your proud achievements so far?
Signing couple agreements with banks – from startup point of view it was a very big challenge we did not initially assume that we would succeed.

What is the next big thing in your industry?
Adjustment of offices to hybrid work. We help companies adapt the company car park to the new work model, thanks to ParkCash, each employee driving to the office by car does not have to look for a parking lot around, but can reserve spaces in the company building before leaving home. 

What are your plans for the next 6-12 months?
Break event Point in Q2 2022, 25 000 users among enterprise employees, integration with top 5 parking system worldwide manufacturers and finally entering the millionth market of residential car parks through integration with the largest provider of IT solutions for this sector. 

ParkCash website

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