We talked about sales development with Samantha Snabes, Co-founder & Catalyst at re:3D.
re:3D is revolutionizing the world of 3D printing.

How would you describe your company in an elevator pitch?
re:3D® Inc. is committed to decimating the cost & scale barriers to industrial 3D printing. After pioneering the world’s first affordable, human-scale 3D printer, re:3D is now enabling 3D printing directly from virgin and/or recycled plastic filament, pellets or flake.

What are you the best at?
While the 3D printing market has become increasingly competitive, concentration within the industry remains low. Four limiting factors constrain the market potential of industrial 3D printing: cost, printer size, printing speed & access to input material. re:3D is actively addressing all of these limitations through pellet & flake extrusion.

How did you find your first customers?
re:3D is a social enterprise committed to decimating the cost & scale barriers to 3D-printing in order to create jobs & enable problem-solvers worldwide to independently address local needs.  Gigabot, re:3D’s flagship technology is a large, industrial 3D-printer starting under $9K. Gigabot rivals the printing quality of other industrial printers at 1/10 the cost and boasts a build volume starting at 30X larger than desktop models.  Founded with $40K from Start-Up Chile, re:3D was a top ranking graduate and successfully closed a $250K Kickstarter campaign for Gigabot while in residency. 7 years later, re:3D has continued to sell printers in 50+ countries.  With no outside investment, all developments to enable human-scale 3D-printing solutions have been accomplished through partnerships, crowdfunding and prizes. Recently re:3D modified Gigabot to directly 3D-print directly from shredded reclaimed plastic waste to truly enable affordable, sustainable, and locally driven manufacturing globally.

What are your customers saying about your product?
You can view a few of our customer’s successes at re3d.org/applications.

re:3D website

What are your proud achievements so far?
We have been honored to win the 2021 IEEE Impact Award, 2020 Consumer Technology Company of the Year Award, 2019 Start-Up of the Year Award, 2018 $1M Global Creator Award, 2017 Industry 4.0 Hello Tomorrow Prize, 2016 Collision Pitch Award, 2015 Open Design Professional Winner + $4.5 in research grants

What is the next big thing in your industry?
Affordable & accessible 3D printing directly from shredded waste!

What are your plans for the next 6-12 months?
With over $9 Million in sales and penetration into multiple verticals, re:3D is poised to capitalize on the growing industrial 3D printing segment. The introduction of a new printer & drying system to allow 3D printing from pellets & recyclables promises to open up new international markets and double sales within one year. The target market for this new technology includes medium to large manufacturers seeking to print with non-extruded materials and/or are in geographies whose supply chains constrain access to imported feedstock such as NGOs, island nations and enterprises with remote operations.

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