We talked with Edward Upton, co-founder & CEO of Littledata.

Littledata is top rated app for Shopify Plus stores.

How would you describe your company in an elevator pitch?
Smart connectors for e-commerce growth.

What are you the best at?
The Littledata team are experts at e-commerce analytics. Together we’ve built a SaaS product to automate data collection for brands trading on Shopify, and grown to support thousands of stores.

How did you find your first customers?
Via consultancy connections in London, and then via the Shopify app store.

What are your customers saying about your product?
“Awesome app! So helpful to have accurate data in google analytics and be able to make decisions based on data you trust. Especially helpful for subscription companies to distinguish between first time and renewal orders.” “Very helpful app for segmenting customer types in Google Analytics and for better understanding LTV by channel. Highly recommended.”

What are your proud achievements so far?
Building a happy remote-first team across US, UK and Eastern Europe. Scaling the business to breakeven.

What is the next big thing in your industry?
Launch of Google Analytics 4, bringing even more powerful reporting prospects. The ongoing growth of e-commerce: Shopify has doubled sales in a year.

What are your plans for next 6-12 months?
We’re continuing to build out features for Shopify Plus merchants, and expanding to other marketing and e-commerce platforms.

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