We talked about sales development with Luigi Rodrigues the Co-founder Floki. This is a company that provides you with purchasing as a service platform to handle all your procurement efforts.

1. How would you describe your company in an elevator pitch?
FLOKI is a Purchasing as a Service solution that uses AI technology to let small retailers outsource their purchasing tasks and decisions and save 80% of time and up to 30% in cost.

2. What are you the best at?
No other Procurement SaaS or Marketplace can generate the amount of $ and time savings we can. That´s only possible with our cutting edge AI tech and products that can change our customers lives.

3. How did you find your first customers?
People in my network heard about what I was building and came to me.

4. What are your customers saying about your product?
With our product they can outsource the painful procurement task and focus their time on where they should be in their business.

FLOKI testimonials

5. What are your proud achievements so far?
Strong growth during Covid, high frequency of usage and high client penetration on average

6. What is the next big thing in your industry?
Digitalization of processes in the B2B world

7. What are your plans for the next 6-12 months?
Become the largest purchasing group in the State of São Paulo (largest state in Brazil)

How Floki works

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