We talked about sales development with Furkan Eris, the CEO & Co-Founder of Spiky. This is an Ai-based engagement analytics platform.

1. How would you describe your company in an elevator pitch?
Spiky.ai is an AI-based engagement analytics platform. We increase your employee productivity by analyzing your online meetings.

2. What are you the best at?
Our team is made of top-talent from prestigious universities and companies. Earlier on, we formulated our company vision, mission, and values and have used these as our north star when recruiting. Even though we are a fully remote company, we make sure everyone feels like they are part of a family. To this end, we have weekly activities, flexible hours, and celebrate even the smallest victories.

3. How did you find your first customers? 
Hustle, hustle, hustle. We constantly pitch and connect with everyone possible. These connections will not always pan out but by giving yourself the maximum exposure, you increase the chance that luck strikes your way.

4. What are your customers saying about your product? 
Our customers love us. We have not had any drop-offs since we began about a year back. Our oldest customers basically helped us figure out what features we would need to implement for success. When you have the backing of your customers and they want you to succeed that is when you know that you will be successful.

5. What are your proud achievements so far? 
Building a team of 20 strong team mates, bringing our platform online, getting into top accelerator programs around the world. Exciting news soon to come, so follow-us on social media!

6. What is the next big thing in your industry?
72% of companies have announced that they will stay remote or hybrid. The standard company and employee model will change. There will be a power shift between the newer remote workers and the office brigade who joined pre-2020 and remember the ‘old ways’ of working. Companies will need to figure our how to better connect and engage with their post-hybrid employees.

7. What are your plans for next 6-12 months? 
We will execute on your product roadmap. We are currently expanding our team aggressively. Contact us if you are excited about employee engagement and AI!


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