We talked about sales development with Mohamed Ghaith. Meet the founder who helps restaurants take orders on the metaverse.

1. How would you describe your company in an elevator pitch?
Zeew is an Automated SaaS provider for on-demand delivery marketplaces. We empower entrepreneurs with a fully customizable system to launch and grow their marketplace, from food to grocery, pharmaceuticals, or even building material delivery. We now have clients from over 100 countries processing 1000s of orders daily.

2. What are you the best at? 
Our team of visionary engineers developed a top-notch tech that goes head to head with giants in the same space. We offer our clients the same quality tech as their competition at a fraction of the cost on a SaaS basis
a) Scalable & affordable product.
b) Weekly improvements and features.
c) Localized platform that works anywhere in the world.

3. How did you find your first customers?
Organically at first, we are on the top 3 searched for “Food delivery system,” then we kept iterating with Google Adwords, it was trial and error until we found the perfect keywords, and it took off from there.

4. What are your customers saying about your product?
They love the UI & UX of the product and the full ordering cycle. Besides, we have our own plugins marketplace, which works as a plug play and allow our clients to scale and grow with us.

5. What are your proud achievements so far?
Launching +1,000 businesses in over 100 countries.

6. What is the next big thing in your industry? 
We are now exploring how to allow our customers/restaurant owners to have their virtual restaurant on the metaverse. They will be able to take orders and allow dine-in inside the restaurant on the metaverse. Users can meet as avatars inside the restaurant and place a delivery order directly to their homes. We see that the metaverse will be our daily norm in the coming years, and it is a very exciting space for us to discover, especially seeing how it will impact the food delivery industry.

7. What are your plans for next 6-12 months?
We are mainly focusing on increasing our customer base, improving our product and functionality, and now tapping into the metaverse to be among the top leaders in the space. We are getting in early and moving very fast in this.

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