Maastricht, Netherlands, 18th May 2022 – QCS AirInternet is happy to announce that it has officially expanded to Poland. This will be possible through a partnership with Sulma & Sulma, a market entry expert. This is an exciting phase for QCS as it will help spread reliable and stable internet connections in remote areas of Poland that do not have a fiber connection. Its expansion will certainly impact all the industries in Poland, which will be a banger for the economy. 

QCS AirInternet is an industry leader in offering the best 4G and 5G internet connections for businesses in rural and industrial areas. The company prides itself on providing connectivity even in the worst areas of Europe. It has the largest range of 2G|3G|4G|5G|NB-IoT and LTE-M connections. The QCS project aims to ensure that entrepreneurs in remote or marginalized areas can access excellent, fast, and stable internet connectivity at a fraction of the cost. It is best suitable for areas with low connectivity or expensive fiber connections. Apart from connections, it is aware of security demands in the market and thus has strategies in place to ensure optimal security. 

As a partner, QCS strives to provide quality services while giving its partners more value through knowledge and support. Some of the key highlights of the company include:

  • Wide range of mobile connections: It has partnered with the right partners, such as Orange, to ensure a complete range of mobile connections at any mobile frequency. You can access data on your sim card or through a custom data pool.
  • Safety: Security is everything, especially now when data is king. QCS gives all its connections a fixed IP address. Customers also have the option of a customized private APN if they need beefed-up security.
  • Radio technology experts: QCS are experts in radio technology, which explains why its connection ranges up to ten kilometers. 
  • Support: QCS are responsive and have a strong support system. The lines are short, which makes responding to a malfunction fast. 
  • Long Term partnerships: QCS strives for long-term partnerships to give all the support needed to ensure success. 

There is no doubt that its entry into Poland will be a game-changer for the country. Poland, a frontier market in Central and Eastern Europe, is a strategic market for accessing the region. According to Statista, Poland has a 90% internet penetration rate. We are confident that QCS will help cover the gap, so Poland has optimal connectivity. 

QCS AirInternet’s entry into Poland will be able to enter the Polish market through a partnership with Sulma & Sulma, who are new market entry experts. They will use their market experience and expertise to help QCS achieve its goals for the Polish market. Sulma & Sulma are experts specialized in helping startups in the pre-seed and seed stage with product-market fit, sales generation, and account management services.

I first started working with Sebastian and Sulma & Sulma in 2015. After a successful project launch back then it was very clear for me that Sulma & Sulma is the right partner to work with now. They know how to establish the right contacts and position the product in such way that it appeals to the local market.

Ralph Rademakers, Sales Director, QCS

What attracted me the most to QCS is their alignment with our mission which is ensuring everyone has equal access to new tech. It is exciting to be hands-on to ensure everyone in Poland has equal access to a reliable and stable internet connection. Our dream is to see the solution scale in Poland and the entire CEE market.

Sebastian Sulma, CEO of Sulma & Sulma.

The entry of innovative solutions such as QCS AirInternt will help in propelling the industry forward, which is critical for economic growth. The internet is not something we can do without anymore, regardless of our regions. The entry of QCS into Poland is at the right time, and there are many good things we are all looking forward to!

About QCS

QCS is an internet connectivity expert that ensures reliable and stable internet connections in remote and industrial areas that do not have fiber connections. They have the largest range of 2G|3G|4G|5G|NB-IoT and LTE-M connections. Learn more by visiting 

About Sulma & Sulma

Sulma & Sulma is a Polish company providing startups in the pre-seed and seed stage with product-market fit, sales generation and account management services. Learn more by visiting