Recently, we had an interesting conversation with a client from the UK. He asked us, “What’s the analysis and preparations for?”

A great question that has a straightforward answer. It’s all about differentiating yourself in the market and being remembered. You analyse and prepare to develop a powerful competitive advantage, and save everyone’s time. Let me give you an example.

There’s been a trend going on of attending all possible industry events. This isn’t a bad thing to do by no means. However, after visiting a couple of booths, you may have the impression that you’ve learned all there is about the industry but nothing about what the actual business offers. The same ideas are being regurgitated all over the place, say, innovation, eco-friendliness, long tradition. Oftentimes, you will come across the same slogans like “expert in fittings”, or “cutting-edge technology”. Every other booth recycles the same phrases. This eventually gets old and the customer loses interest. The return on participation decreases.

All one has to do is make better preparations, even if the product shares some of the features popular in the niche. Take another angle, the most interesting one for the customer, yet still closely related to the offer. Develop a strong competitive advantage, attainable after you analyse the target market, your offer, and business goals. Some things are unachievable without preparations. You’ll get lost in the crowd.

Grow your sales the smart way!
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Photo: The Look of Love by Hayley Goodhead