If you follow us on social media and visit our blog, you might’ve noticed that our content features the corporate hashtag #KeepGivingBack In order to avoid its potential misinterpretation, while at same time take the opportunity to tell you a bit more about us, we’ve decided to offer you an insight into the philosophy backing it up. Read on!

Some time ago we explained the mission which beacons all Sulma & Sulma operations, and the following post elaborates on the topic. We believe that each one of us has something unique, which s/he can bring into the lives of others, thus making them better. 

#KeepGivingBack is the added value of our business. 

The new series of posts under the umbrella of #SulmaStories is supposed to introduce you to the human side of our business. Sure, we’re oriented towards results, however, we always keep in mind all the factors not directly related to sales as well. 

That said, we encourage you to #KeepGivingBack on the regular, especially, since there’s a whole lot of ways to do that. 

#KeepGivingBack – What It’s All About 

“Business is about delivering different values to the community which helps you grow.” – Sebastian Sulma

There isn’t a single right way to observe the idea of #KeepGivingBack At its basis there are people, for sure. Business is done by them and for them in an environment they’re directly linked to. 

Ludzki biznes

When running a project, the revenue, effectiveness, efficiency in achieving goals, sales volumes and their growth all matter indeed. However, we’ve been in a situation before, where we had to decline a proposal because it went against our set of values. 

Moreover, we actively strive to work with businesses which change the world for the better. So far, we’ve operated in the medical and food industries, dealing with products having an actual impact on human lives. 

#KeepGivingBack also assumes improving the business through unique insights and experiences of people who make it up. Let’s not be afraid of own novel ideas. Limiting yourself to imitating others doesn’t drive innovation. 

Corporate philosophy in practice 

In order to not come off as armchair activists, it would only make sense to provide some real-life examples of applying our own philosophy in practice. 

Essentially, what we’re talking about is showing initiative and helping those who need it, even if they’re not asking for it. So far, we’ve gotten engaged in initiatives helping orphans, cancer patients, and children with Down syndrome. Currently, we’re also supporting a local soccer club for the youngest, beginner athletes. 

Bezinteresowna pomoc

I the business realm, we share our expertise for free on our blog, run courses and workshops, as well as do fine tuning of our clients’ businesses when introducing them to new markets. If we see something can be improved, we just go ahead and do it, thus giving back a piece of ourselves. 

As far as the post author goes (hi, it’s me, Roman), I #KeepGivingBack by bringing in my knowledge and experience to Sulma & Sulma’s marketing operations. If I have an idea for how something can be done better, I either report it, or implement it right away, depending on its importance. My personal giving back takes the form of the best, clearest business communication. I make myself useful to other people by creating easily digestible content. My talent which I share is the fact I help people understand us, as well as various other issues and topics better. 

#KeepGivingBack for anyone, on the daily, also means high work ethics. Performing your tasks according to the best of one’s knowledge and skills, doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Developing good habits this way simply has to pay off in the long run and that’s why it’s worthy of your time.


Our corporate hashtag #KeepGivingBack has the goal of instilling people with a healthy approach to doing business, assuming putting people first and supporting various organizations and communities, but also help us remain humble and see the bigger picture. 

“If you’re operating according to the #KeepGivingBack rule, you grow in power for the very simple reason – you’re doing something exciting, which allows the particular community to grow, and you cross paths with people who help you achieve your goals. When celebrating success, you never forget about the assistance received and that’s why you give back, thus helping others achieve their objectives, which in turn makes them grow, and the ranks of the idea followers are getting stronger.” – Sebastian Sulma

#KeepGivingBack isn’t just and investment of your time, and perhaps money as well. It’s also a strategy helping you build up your brand and trust in it by creating value for the market or community, as well as develop relations on new, higher levels.  

What are you waiting for? Start giving back today. Invest in pure, much-needed human kindness and make the world a bit better every day.

Sulma & Sulma