Africa has been a hot topic among export specialists for some time now. Some companies are familiar with certain success stories, like the one by the Polish URSUS brand.

Still, the knowledge on the following essentials is lacking:

  • political and financial conditions
  • the state of infrastructure, culture and demographics
  • economic potential
  • rules of engagement for importers and exporters
  • examples of success stories
  • management and business culture

Every new publication is most welcome, especially if it delivers quality insights.
That being said, we’re proud to present THE GUIDE TO AFRICAN MARKETS by dr Malwina Bakalarska, dr Katarzyna A. Nawrot i dr Anna Masłoń-Oracz, BGŻ PNB Paribas, Warsaw 2018 . The publication is aimed at anyone who understands the importance of proper foundation when expanding into new markets, or wants to familiarize with interesting facts and business customs in Africa.

The guide also includes our success story involving exporting to Rwanda, and some comments by Sebastian Sulma on the cultural similarities between Poland and East Africa.

Get the guide at, or click on the picture below. The guide is only in Polish.


Enjoy the read!

Africa is calling the time for export!
Sulma & Sulma