Our relation with INTERMAG has entered a new phase. Currently, we’re running preliminary product test run with selected Kenyan farmers. The project concerns poultry keeping and aims to improve the results achieved by local breeders. Here’s a brief description of the prelude to INTERMAG’s expansion into East African market. 

Right after they hatch, chicks are split into two groups of 50-100 birds each. For about 45 days the first group is being fed Suplexan Intro, Suplexan Multi, Suplexan Adek Premium, Suplexan Allium, and Kokcidin, while the other group receives none of these supplements.  

Key factors being scrutinized are feed consumption and chick mortality, since the main goal of the test run is to decrease the number of cases of coccidiosis. Farmers are being paid on a per animal basis so each bird matters. INTERMAG products we’re helping to introduce to the African market are supposed to lower the keeping cost and boost revenue. 

Chodowca Kenia

Marcia, our team member on the ground in Kenya is in charge of the product test run. She is currently arranging business meetings with leading distributors of this kind of products and will be soon talking to them. Considering our previous test runs in Africa, we have high hopes and expect solid results.  

We believe in results
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