Pelixar is a very exciting and innovative partner. The company specializes in unmanned aircraft systems, manufactures original components and drones, and also develops custom solutions. Their systems find application in sectors such as search and rescue, measurements and detection, monitoring and security, as well as inspections and tech supervision. With regards to our newly established cooperation, we’ve decided to visit Pelixar at their Gdynia-based office in order to discuss the next steps.  

To better understand the business profile of our new partner, take a moment to look at one of the machines built by the company:

Here, on the other hand, is an example of the drone being used for one of its intended purposes:

Meeting Pelixar

Our trip started early in the morning in Kraków. At about 12:30 PM, we arrived at the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park, which is quite a big office complex serving many companies and startups.


There, we were greeted by Mr. Sebastian Nowicki, co founder and COO, as well as several other team members, and then we got down to talk business. 

It quickly became clear that Mr. Nowicki is a human mine of information on legislation, design, and application of drones, which are all very future-oriented and dynamically growing fields. 

Our discussions revolved around the company’s experiences from implementing their unmanned systems, their sales process so far, market fit, preliminary ideas for building a successful business case, as well as plans and expectations for the nearest and a bit more remote future. 

Moreover, we had the opportunity to see several prototypes and test drones. At this point, that’s all we can reveal though. 

Maximizing opportunities

Despite the windy, seaside weather, we decided to take advantage of our presence in Tricity and set up another meeting, this time with Mr. Wojciech Drewczyński from BlueDotSolutions, for whom we had the pleasure of conducting workshops not too long ago as a part of the Poland Prize program.

Second Edition of Poland Prize – Welcoming Startups to Poland

Our talks concerned perspectives for expanding our cooperation into the year 2020, but we’ll let you know of the details in due time. 

Become a part of the Pelixar project!

Going back to our new partner, it’s worth mentioning that they’re working on developing a drone system for running automated search and rescue operations. The system will be based on artificial intelligence algorithms tasked with conducting flights in accordance with the search mission grid. 

The video below covers project goals and expected results.

Anyone interested in investing in Pelixar is free to visit the project’s page on the crowdsourcing platform Beesfund, where all the crucial information is available – click here.