“Sales fixes everything” is a famous saying that should be repeated to startups like a mantra at every stage of their business journey. At the beginning before even they decide to start, during the product development and during the product launch. In our opinion, it would significantly increase the lifetime of startups, focusing their attention on such important issues as: understanding the market, convincing customers to buy and boosting sales.

It is very encouraging that people with experience in effective product introduction and sales generation are invited to such events as Startup Weekend Rzeszów.

Our company will be represented by Sebastian Sulma: “Thank you for inviting me as a mentor, I am happy that I will be able to take part in such a great event and give the right direction to the projects from the very beginning, increasing their effectiveness, I can not wait for the beginning of the event” ????

Remember: “Sales fixes everything” ????????????

See you in Rzeszów,
Sulma & Sulma

Graphic: wbijajnakwadrat.pl