Human interaction is unavoidable in business. It takes up various forms and utilizes different channels. Sometimes it can be really satisfying, while in some situations we’d prefer to evade it. Regardless of the circumstances, every business contact is a chance to learn something and draw conclusions. For us, maybe a bit unexpectedly, an excellent opportunity to acquire new information comes from the sales workshops we run within various programs. Here’s what’s in them for the attendees, and how we benefit as the speakers. 

At Sulma & Sulma we consider the human aspect of business to be a top priority. Our belief has found an outlet in the #KeepGivingBack initiative, among other things. Closing deals and sales are important, of course, but one of our long-term goals is to create value going beyond financial gratification.

That being said, every now and then we have the pleasure to run sales workshops for startups, usually upon an invitation from an accelerator or a tech hub. Those of you curious to learn more can trace some of what went down in this matter in 2019 down below. 

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Participants of these meetings, who often happen to be at an early stage of business development, gain practical and actionable knowledge in the key area of sales. All the experience we’ve collected throughout the years allows us to support organizations operating in different industries and properly adjust the sales strategies we work out for them.

How companies participating in these meetings benefit is rather obvious – they get concrete tips and a plan for how to improve their results. The plan is an individual solution to the given startup’s problem. It’s divided into stages, tasks, and milestones, all based on KPIs and set within a specific timeframe.

This helps the company understand how to reach the goal, how much time it will take, and how much it will cost. In other words, it’ll be able to actually see its growth.

Alright then, but what do we get out of the sales workshops? How do we combat routine and effectively use the devoted time? Well, this requires a proper attitude and a state of mind, the details of which are discussed below. 

Sharing knowledge is satisfying 

Gaining knowledge and experience is a grind requiring you to pay just with your time, if you’re lucky. If you’re broadening horizons in domains that interest you, the process should be somewhat pleasant, though. 

Sulma szkolenia

Interestingly, once you become an expert in a certain domain, you can also draw satisfaction from conveying the knowledge you have. 

It’s nice to bring real support to young organizations, see their “aha!” moments, and thus learn more about themselves. 

Expanding expertise  

Markets are dynamic entities. No matter how much we know about them, it’s never ALL there is. That’s why flexibility and orientation towards constant learning are hallmarks of a successful business. 

This is why the sales workshops we run are an excellent opportunity for us to expand upon our knowledge database. 

Sulma insighty

Startups we come in contact with during the courses provide us with insights regarding their industries and help define commonplace pain points of similar companies. 

Meeting people

Another added value generated by our sales workshops is the chance to meet people, get to know their experiences and perspectives on things. This of course benefits not just us, but all the meeting participants interacting with each other. 

Sulma ludzie

Startups aren’t just products, data, and marketing – they’re also people, who make up these organizations. Connecting with them allows us to see certain problems from various viewpoints, which is very enriching. 

Content material 

If you want to be noticed or remembered, you have to tell your story yourself. Businesses do this by publishing various types of content showcasing their operations. 

Sulma content marketing

A part of the Sulma & Sulma story is helping others and following the idea of #KeepGivingBack Thus, we recap the sales workshops we’ve conducted and publish them in our channels, educating and encouraging companies to take new actions, find new solutions for improving their position. 


Sales workshops conducted by Sulma & Sulma are events delivering value for all parties involved. 

Their participants, who often are at a very early stage of development, can count on assistance in terms of product-market fit, improving the way value is communicated to the client, convincing new customers, and building a scalable sales process based on initial transactions, among other things. 

We discuss and explain all these issues, and then develop an individual growth path. This helps startups assess their situation better, make relevant decisions regarding further investments, and so save time and money. 

We, on the other hand, collect insights and get to know pain points from different industries, which translates to a better understanding of similar cases in the future and being able to provide more efficient support. 

Our recaps of these meetings mention some of the participants, if it makes sense to do so, and we embed the Sulma & Sulma brand in the minds of audiences, thus starting WOMM. Seems like a win-win!

If you like our approach and would like us to run sales workshops at your organization, please contact us to discuss the details. Looking forward to hearing from you!