Sulma & Sulma company has been operating steadily in the sales industry since the foundation in 2013. Its launch was driven by the want to make the market more human-friendly. The founders, Agnieszka and Sebastian Sulma, believed that their vision of how promotional and sales processes should look like will enhance the stemming benefits for all parties involved. Extensive expertise in many business fields and a full stack of positive emotions have heavily contributed to the company’s success, and it’s only starting to pick up the pace! 

At Sulma & Sulma we always think long-term. It’s absolutely crucial not only for executing your own business plan, but also the multi level sales strategies of our clients..

We like to set clear goals and define actions, that’s why we decided to erect… 

Three pillars – the mission of Sulma & Sulma 

Our company’s operations rest on three pillars which constitute the basis of a successful business: 

Effective actions 

Rooted in extensive business expertise paired with experience growing with every new project, which actually makes them increasingly more effective!

Insights collected along the way plus being aware of customer and industry pain points allow us to lay down a clear-cut project growth strategy, which is key for achieving the highest effectiveness possible. 

Efficiency in reaching goals  

Talk is cheap! We keep our eyes on the prize, which is business results. At the end of the day, anyone has access to knowledge, but only few are capable of putting it to good use. 

We’re able to pinpoint and utilize the prevailing trends to facilitate the decision making process and boost sales efficiency. We aim at the most promising market trends in order to maximize the engagement of target groups. 

Dynamic growth of volumes 

A one-time transaction isn’t anything spectacular. We aim at creating repeatability and constantly raising the sales volumes of our partners. 

We have experience in closing deals and reinforcing those business aspects which generate the most growth.

On top of the three pillars, Sulma & Sulma also wants to impact the market by involving the key factors (partners, trends) in particular projects.

To sum it all up, here’s out mission statement

We ignite love for tech. 

Sulma mission statement

We put people at the center of business. It’s them, their stories and emotions, that make up the products. We collect and process all of this to win the hearts of future customers for the products we promote. 

Speaking in a bit more down to earth tone, our goal is to increase the sales of businesses and support investors and startups in their expansion and growth. 

Sounds promising but…

How does Sulma & Sulma operate?

The details of our operations which allowed us to achieve success in a relatively short time shall remain hidden. That said, the scope of our company’s services includes: 

  • business development (product introduction stage) 
  • sales outsourcing (sales growth and scaling stage)
  • teaching (handing over the process to the client stage – call it sales onboarding)
  • foreign expansion 

Jak działa Sulma

The element we put particular emphasis on is working out an inspiring competitive advantage for the products of our clients. The ability to stand out against other similar businesses is crucial for success, regardless of the industry you’re in. 

Moreover, all Sulma & Sulma operations observe the #KeepGivingBack rule which we’ll discuss on another occasion.

Dawaj coś od siebie

Alright, but what are your…

Achievements so far

Globalization makes it possible to conduct business outside of your domestic market. Foreign expansion, which is of course possible, isn’t an easy endeavor. The problem isn’t so much the funds, but rather knowledge and experience. These are the factors largely determining your success, not the amount of money you’re able to pump into a project.

Sulma & Sulma operates in the European, American, and East African market. The companies we’ve helped so far include: 

Moreover, Sebastian Sulma, the company’s founder, took part in events such as (click the event’s name to read the recap):

And he’s also a Judge of Excellence for Bellavita during WorldFood Poland.

Sulma sędzia doskonałości

You now know a lot about us, are you…

Ready to grow?

Sulma & Sulma is open to working with:

✅ Companies wanting to introduce a new product / innovation to the market. Perhaps the technology aimed at your main target group could also be picked up by other audiences, who you don’t know much about?

✅ Companies with a stable position on their home market, that want to expand into foreign markets. 

✅ Investors, who want to increase their ROI by boosting the sales of one of their portfolio companies. 

✅ Startups, that want to initiate sales faster and win more financing for further investments. 

If you wish to increase sales and conquer new markets, waste no time, contact us today! Let’s discuss your goals and ways to achieve them.

Wish you high volumes!
Sulma & Sulma