Our favourite projects are the ones which surprise us and introduce a new quality in the market, projects which shake up the status quo. We keep stressing that the bestsellers are the so called “Products with Love”, where the product and the rest of the offer are based on multiple minute details, well thought out and perfected, because the creator wants to convey an idea bigger than mere sales.

Last week, at the Bellavita 2018 show, we met a company with an amazing tradition and history. A family business which proves that having tea can be something special. The HillCart Tales tea brand by A. Tosh & Sons takes you on an incredible individual journey and makes celebrating the moment a real pleasure.

We sent some product samples to our partner coffee shop KermoCafe to elicit feedback from the target group which pays particular attention to quality and refined taste. Excellent overall feedback and a partnership declaration put us in the right groove as far as the project goes.

Special shout out goes to KremoCafe for their quickness and thoroughness.

It’s tea time!
Sulma & Sulma