We appreciate all the feedback. You guys would be most willing to try the tea and the Italian soft drinks.

The coolest explanation under the Facebook post was:

A: The oil draws me in.
B: (…) are you going to drink the oil by yourself? ????????????
A: I’m going to rub it in ????

We were charmed by two products in particular:

  1. The tea by TheHillCartTales.com and you may ask why’s that. Well, that’s because of our little obsession with neatness. The entire marketing concept, the product, and the brand have been perfected in the smallest detail. The manufacturer has even come up with a solution to the used tea bag. It may be annoying at a meeting and such if there’s no extra plate for it. In this case, you can put the bag into a special “envelope” you see in the picture. Truth be told, the marketing message will be unclear to people outside India (who’s heard about the Hill Cart Road before?), however, after some localization work this would be a hit product.
  2. Olive oil by Arolive.com, however, not in its present packaging and intended purpose. This is a product with a major sales potential if it was given a better direction overall and its target group was narrowed down (needs new branding and marketing strategy).

These are our choices but as always, the market will have the final say.

Thank you to all who participated and expressed their opinion.

Wish you a good day,
Sulma & Sulma