Which product would you like to try the most?

Which product would you like to try the most?
Promotion and sales growth 18 May 2018

Probing the potential for sales means constant search for and strengthening the competitive advantage.
Out of the products we’ve received, who’s chances of making it in the market we were asked to assess, we’ve selected the ones aimed at end clients.

These were:

  1. Indian tea by TheHillcartTales.com
  2. Spanish olive oil by Arolive.com
  3. Italian Abbondio soft drinks by FoodiesItalia.it
  4. Dried vegetable snacks by Fiordelisisrl.it

The client, like yourself, always has the last say.

With that said, which of the products are the most interesting in your opinion?
Which ones would you buy seeing them on the store shelf?
Include the reason why, too.

We’ll let you know our picks next week.

Enjoy the taste,
Sulma & Sulma