Recap of the European Startup Days 2019

Current affairs 3 July 2019

On May 14-15, 2019, the famed Spodek arena in Katowice hosted the European Startup Days.

The event was a great place for all smaller and bigger ideas waiting to be discovered. That’s why our team had to be there to take a thorough look at them and assess potential opportunities.

The sheer number of various projects displayed was impressive. From healthcare and medicine, to robotics and VR. Among the most interesting ideas there was one by Optimo Light. Imagine a lighting fitting which measures luxes and automatically adjusts the power of lighting, accounting for the current daylight outside – a thing of beauty!

Also worth mentioning were the discussion panels. Speakers from various niches were discussing commerce and business growth. Anyone interested was able to listen to the experts present across four independent stages.

We were most interested in the Digital Marketing panel, whose participants were discussing the latest trends in the sector. The panel revolved chiefly around the ways in which social media, followers, influencers, and celebrities affect decisions of potential customers. The scope of topics was way broader, of course, but it would be tough to mention them all here. That said, we strongly encourage everyone to take part in an event like this.

During the ESD 2019 Sebastian Sulma was asked to share his experience in growing sales in Africa. Thank you to Mateusz Ciasnocha from for conducting the interview.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our many partners and clients for all the business meetings we had.

See you at the next edition!


All the best,
Sulma & Sulma