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It's a free analysis focused on the product, markets, goals, key performance indicators, and milestones the customer aims for in the next 6 to 24 months. It can be performed at a meeting (e.g. product demo) or with pitch decks.

Product Market Fit

  1. Product market fit is whereby customers understand the value of the product.
  2. Through experience, Sulma & Sulma adapts your tech to your niche market.
  3. Sulma & Sulma understands your prospects and explores the database to match with your best target audience and get feedback about your product.
  4. It provides first class customer service and keeps the integrity of sales and marketing efforts.
  5. Sulma & Sulma uses these factors to run successful inbound and outbound marketing campaigns and automate customer acquisition.
Marcin Dolata - Easy Solar

"There aren't many like them, who can get an in-depth understanding of an entire business this fast. Despite limited time, [...], we could see first results after merely three weeks."

Marcin Dolata - Easy Solar

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Acquiring customers

  1. Customer acquisition is the process of onboarding new customers to your business.
  2. Sulma & Sulma has experience with different technologies and various markets.
  3. Sulma & Sulma has established partnerships with top startups, corporates and investors.
  4. Sulma & Sulma is a one stop platform that provides sales, marketing, and account management services.
  5. Sulma & Sulma always starts with building the foundation for your business by creating or enhancing your Ideal Customer Profile, Buyer Persona, and Customer Journey.
Szymon Karandys - Intermag

"We recommend cooperation with Sulma & Sulma, they helped us to achieve important sales and marketing goals in a very difficult market."

Szymon Karandys - Intermag

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Scaling up and Expansion

  1. Companies go for scaling up and expansion once they are sure of their product market fit and have explored their primary customer database.
  2. Sulma & Sulma is a leading player in adapting technologies into desired products, developing business opportunities, and exploring markets mainly in Europe, the USA, and Africa.
  3. Sulma & Sulma platform has insights and pain points of customers from different markets; hence companies can easily match their niche market, helping them grow fast.
  4. Sulma & Sulma has launched sales and marketing strategies and applies the best practices, making expansion and growth seamless.
  5. Sulma & Sulma increases efficiency by covering all crucial areas from Product Market-Fit, Lead Generation, Customer Acquisition, and Account Management.
  6. It is easy to scale and expand to a new territory with expertise, experience, contacts, and partnerships in different markets.
Blazej Blaszczyk - Saniteasy

“Sulma & Sulma is precise, insightful and consistent.”

Błażej Błaszczyk - Saniteasy

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Account Management

  1. Account management is a post-sales role that entails nurturing client relationships.
  2. Sulma & Sulma cooperates with a wide range of projects and companies.
  3. Its platform has insights and pain points of customers from different markets.
  4. Through its platform, clients can get insights and pain points of their customers and help them devise best practices.
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LET's talk about your product, we love to see new tech!
Our workshops

We run customized workshops in the field of introducing and scaling up technologies to new markets

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Business model

We believe in simplicity and mutual understanding, thus we don't charge any fees until we get a common ground and create a straight and smooth plan based on our data. The remuneration for our services is either a monthly payment if you prefer a fixed fee, or hourly rates per person. We also charge a bonus, mostly a commission above your ROI if there is a sales or marketing goal releted with our work.

better access to the core customers
stop burning cash

faster scaling up
faster and better cash flow

What is the expected ROI? Is there more value from the company?

There is more value because you can save resources in terms of money and time that you would spend on hiring people, onboarding, and teaching them about products, markets and account management. Since we already have a platform in place with your target audience, you can easily reduce the customer acquisition cost by acquiring customers quickly for faster scaling up to effeciently spend your budget.

LET's talk about your product, we love to see new tech!