Strong competitive advantage and how to use it

Promotion and sales growth 23 June 2018

We keep saying ‘strong competitive advantage’, or ‘leading competitive advantage’ all the time. We’d now like to familiarize you with the term and explain its applications.

We’ll take two examples – and

Stellar Shower – The product’s strong competitive advantage is “awe-inspiring depth”. There are many shower bases. Some are bigger, other smaller. Some are looking better than others. However, only the Stellar Shower has the awe-inspiring depth. When you’re standing in a base called Stardust, you feel as if you were strolling down the Milky Way. Stars are shining, planets glowing. The awe-inspiring depth gives off an impression of taking a shower among stars. That’s why we called the product Stellar Shower, in order to emphasize its wonderful depth.

TDW furniture – The brand’s strong competitive advantage is the idea of slow furniture (read more about it here). The products’ main task is to create an oasis of peace and calmness in the hectic world around us. The specific design makes the person seeing and being in the presence of the products reach a peace of mind, relax, and feel comfortable.

Utilizing strong competitive advantage is mostly about:

  • drawing attention, for instance, by highlighting the advantage in the product’s name, see Stellar Shower,
  • raising emotional interest in the product through discussing the customer’s experiences and learning his pain points,
  • being engaging, the prospect is interested in the product’s history (say, “where did the name Stellar Shower come from?”),
  • disseminating information (recommendations, for example, “Would you like to take a shower among stars? Check out Stellar Shower.”).

The product becomes interesting and understandable to the prospect. He knows why he should buy it and what’s in it for him

A strong competitive advantage sparks the love for products and drives sales. ­čÖé

Wish you many strong advantages,
Sulma & Sulma