We’re extremely focused on sales, its efficiency, volume, and the overall growth dynamics. This shows on multiple levels of our business relations. While being responsible for increasing sales for our customers, we also have to take care of our own sales.

It would be a mistake to think that we’re only focused on the financial aspect of running a business. Sure, results and hard numbers are important. However, we see them as a form of measurement for our actions.

The biggest pay for our work is the success of our clients, which gets even bigger when they decide to speak about it publicly.

Here’s how Mr. Jihoon Noh (General Manager Mediforum Korea) commented our post titled: “It’s tough to start making sales in the healthcare industry but we’ve made it!” in one of the social networks:

Thanks to the joint effort of you and us, we all have laid a cornerstone of our business development in Poland. Nonetheless, I would like to consider this initial deal as just the prelude to a full-scale business in Poland.


Link to the comment: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6480794737635926016/


See the development stages of this project:

  1. Product introduction into the pharmaceutical industry
  2. We love this kind of product samples
  3. The time for change in diagnostics has come
  4. Making sales efficiently
  5. It’s tough to start making sales in the healthcare industry but we’ve made it!
  6. Customer satisfaction is our biggest payoff


Thank you,
Sulma & Sulma