During this interview we got emotional, we had a wonderful time, smiled a lot and we were appreciated. ????

We invite you to read #TurboCaseStudy (it’s under lingy.pro, the second brand of the interviewer, turbotlumaczenia.pl, so don’t be confused), check it here: Meet Sulma & Sulma and their idea of understanding the global market

You will find out:
– about the early beginnings of our business activity,
– what challenges come with international projects,
– what a brave promise were given by Sebastian Sulma to our customer, ????
– a few tips for young companies wishing to take over the world. ????

Link: https://lingy.pro/en/blog/meet-sulma-sulma-and-their-idea-of-understanding-the-global-market/#more-1301

Have a nice reading,
Sulma & Sulma

Graphic by: turbotlumaczenia.pl