Sulma & Sulma, acting as Judges of Excellence, have reviewed products for Bellavita Expo during World Food Poland 2019 in Warsaw

Current affairs 18 March 2019

This has been a third year in a row that we participate in the Bellavita Expo as Judges of Excellence and review Italian products from the FMCG industry. In particular, we assess the potential of entering the Polish market. At the same time, we point out the most important parts of the process to help businesses win hearts of Polish consumers.

This year, the trade fair was enhanced with very interesting lectures on the sales of Italian products in Poland. Among other things, discussed were the most common mistakes made. Well, unfortunately, the same issues keep coming up: the lack of understanding of the market, insufficient awareness of Polish consumers, and unadjusted expansion strategy.

The bottom line is: “The sales potential is huge, you just have to be able to tap into it.

As far as we’re concerned, we can easily recommend these three products to all interested importers:

In terms of novelties, this year saw a pretty interesting selection of seafood. Take a look at the photos. You could also notice the growing presence of various dishes from around the world, for instance, Korea, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, United States, Spain, Sri Lanka, France, Greece, Malaysia, and many more. Obviously, Polish companies were present as well. 🙂

As you can see, the trade fair is a great opportunity for new culinary experiences. 🙂


See you next year!
Sulma & Sulma

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