Welcome aboard! ProEcoLife USA has become the distributor of Stellar Shower

Success stories 7 June 2018

We’re happy to announce that we’ve won an exclusive distributor for our client – Moteks sp. z o.o. The distributor – ProEcoLife.com will manage the StellarShower.com brand in North America.

Thank you to ProEcoLife.com for showing lots of interest in the product and the effort put into finalizing the contract. We’re looking forward to opening a new chapter in Stellar Shower’s growth.

The success is particularly pleasing because we’ve been building it from scratch, working with multiple partners and contractors. They’ve all made the project way more interesting and valuable.

Special appreciation goes to:

We’ve now exhausted the challenges posed to us by our client. For this very reason, we’ve all decided to terminate the project. We’re now looking ahead to new business opportunities.

Courage, persistence and hard work pay off,
Sulma & Sulma